Spider-man FCBD 2016: Dead No More prologue

I had the enormous pleasure of being invited to do the prologue to the big Spider-man 2016 story, Dead No More! And on top of that being part of such macro-event as the Free Comic Book Day.
Here you have a small taste of those pages!

Star-Lord #6: story-thus-far variant cover

layout 1
layout 2
layout 3
layout 4
layout 5
Raw scan
Finished ink

Star-Lord Year One!

Pages from issues 1 to 5 of the regular Star-Lord series.







I took part in a couple of podcasts! You have one in english and one in spanish!

I talked (with a terrible use of the english language!) with the extremely awesome guys at The Comic Noobs Show a little bit about everything, from comic book process to what I like and what I don't!
You can listen to that podcast clicking HERE (but should totally listen to their show ALWAYS)

I was invited to be part of this spanish podcast event where various podcasters from several shows gathered to talk about comic book events. On this particular episode we talk about Inferno (the original 80's one) and The Sinestro Corps War. Only in spanish, ¡lo siento amigos!
You can totally check that out by clicking HERE

Star-Lord pirates designs + Space Knights designs

Some character designs for the first story arc of my Star-Lord run.

rejected design
final approved design

A series of designs for the Space Knights appearance in 'Guardians of Infinity" miniseries:

Then a little revision of some of these using the editor's notes:

And then a final touch on a couple of them based again on the editor's notes: